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Expand your intention.

All geodes contain a unique energy emanating from its formation.

They look rather unremarkable on the outside, but when opened, the sight can be breathtaking. Your geode is sourced from sedimentary rocks, formed when organic materials (shells, tree branches, roots) become trapped and decay, leaving behind a gas-filled void. It is within this void that crystal minerals begin to grow and the magic happens.

We chose to provide high-quality geodes as a way to aid in mediation and add a natural beauty to your surroundings.

We also want you to find joy in simple tasks, which is why our geodes come unopened. Once received, take a small hammer and break open your geode. Inside, you will find a unique white chalcedony quartz crystal center (similar to the photos on this page).


You will receive:

  • A 2-3" hollow geode containing blue & white chalcedony quartz
  • 1 affirmation to aid in meditation and mindfulness

-Recyclable packaging

The Vibe

You’ve already decided to take care of your skin, now take it a step further and take care of you (for real). Repeat the affirmation and take a moment to be still

According to our Reiki master, when reciting an affirmation our body begins to enter a calm state and our energetic vibration begins to shift to one of calmness and relaxation. It is here that we will fully be able to benefit from the Third Eye engagement. Not only will you be nourishing your eye area, but you will be freeing your mind and letting go of any attachments to things you can’t control.

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