The Brand

The Still embraces the power of cannabis, crystals, and clean active ingredients to nourish the body and soul. Our focus is on the total package; how you feel and nourish your inside directly affects your outer beauty.


We believe in the power of plants, science, and a little bit of magic.


Based in Northern California and founded by two friends who met while working in the cosmetics industry, The Still began with a clear vision and message; create quality products that are a pleasure to experience, do the job they promise to do, and are kind to the planet. 


We just want you to feel good.


The Vibe

Working with a Reiki Master, we hand-picked each crystal to align with the chakras and to infuse each product with positive energy and intention.


The truth is, neither of us fit into the exact mold of science-nerd or hippy. We occupy a bit of both…and we think you might too.


It’s OK to demand clean ingredients, to be connected to the self, and to want products that treat the earth well, all while wearing a full face of makeup and six-inch heels. 


The Experience

Self-care doesn’t need to take excessive effort. 

It is about being present, even in the smallest ways.

We intend to ground through our ingredients, our packaging, and the crystals in each product aligned with specific chakras.

The mantra for each product brings you home, to your body, to yourself. 

You are present. You are here. You are home. Take a moment, to be still. 


The Approach

Ingredients: most of the time, natural ingredients are the right choice, but not everything natural is great for us. And not everything that is made in a lab is toxic. We strive for only safe ingredients that make a difference.


Materials: minimal packaging, recyclable, made from recycled materials, boxes printed with soy ink, labels made from biostone (no trees!), and recycled shipping materials. Crystals are sourced only from mines that employ high environmental and ethical labor standards.


Women serving women: we believe in working with female designers, artists, and chemists, photographers, etc. Whenever possible, we choose to support women and feel it is our responsibility to support and encourage each other in all pursuits 


We want you to feel good about this brand; it feels good to use, it feels good to look at, it feels good to support.